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Our Caravan and Motorhome Services

As caravans and motorhomes age, wear and tear can take their toll. This is where we come in.  During our combined experience of 24 years, we’ve probably seen and fixed it all! 

We are situated just 5 minutes from the Stirling Services roundabout, meaning we are easy to get to from the main motorways. As the Caravan and Motorhome servicing business with the most and highest rated Google reviews, our customers travel from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Alloa, and all over the central belt. We even have had people travel from Shetland!

Motorhome Habitation Check

We deliver a comprehensive habitation check that makes sure you and yours have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Caravans are service, Motorhomes have what is called a ‘Habitation check’. On motorhomes should be annual, and if missed, you may be missing a fault that can develop into a disaster.  Risks as serious as fire and carbon monoxide poisoning are reduced in your habitation check. Smaller issues that can grow into much more expensive issues are often found, avoiding the financial heartache further down the line. 

The habitation check often maintains a current Motorhome manufacturer’s warranty and is often highly beneficial in insurance claims.

Included in the brief are:

  • Damp Report
  • Underbody
  • Electrical Systems
  • LPG Gas Systems
  • Water Systems
  • Bodywork
  • Fire and Safety

Contact us to book your caravan or motorhome with us for your full, professional habitation check – and peace of mind. 

Touring Caravan Service and Repairs

For the same safety reasons as the motorhome habitation check, every touring caravan should have an annual service. Gas, electrics, can all create hazards if they are not carefully monitored. At Central Caravan and Motorhomes, we take this service very seriously and complete a check that is approved by the NCC.

Touring Caravan Observation Report

The NCC approved ‘Observation’ report covers things like wheel studs, tyre pressures, tread depth,  gas, water pumps, electrical etc.

Touring Caravan Service

The Touring Caravan Service is approved by the NCC. It is a bit like a car MOT and should be done annually. It covers things like :

  • Chassis and running gear 
  • The electrical system
  • LPG gas system
  • Water system
  • Bodywork
  • Ventilation
  • Fire and Safety
  • You will be issued with a full report at the end of the service

Damp Checks and Repairs

Damp – it is the bain of every caravan and motorhome owners life. We specialise in internal detection before it gets bad, and repairing it if it already is. The damp scale we work to is approved by the NCC. You will receive a full report at the end of your inspection and service. 

Stirling Caravan Motorhome Services

Caravan and Motorhome Upgrades

We don’t just repair your caravan or motorhome. We can complete the vast majority of upgrades that you may want to add to it in order to make your holiday ambitions come true. These upgrades include:

  • Caravan Motor Movers
  • Bike Racks
  • Motorhome Awnings
  • Reversing Cameras
  • Solar Panels
  • Satellite Dishes
  • TV installation
  • Music systems
Stirling Caravan Motorhome Services

Insurance Work

Hopefully, things will never go wrong. But if they do, and you have a claim, we can do all the work required in the process including assessment, quotes, and through to the final fix. 

Caravan and Motorhomes repairs

Best Value Storage

We have storage for your caravan or motorhome right here in our yard. We have a set price list for this, which starts at £300 per year. Please contact us early to enquire as space is of course limited. We operate on a first-come first-served basis. 

Stirling Caravan Motorhome Services

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